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The Care You Deserve

Toenail Treatments

Long nails, hard to cut nails or thickened nails. At Podmed Podiatry we can treat any type of nail condition.

Fungal nails
A fungal infection of the nail can cause the nail to thicken, discolour and split. This is caused by the same funguses that cause athlete's foot.

Thickened Nails
Nails can become thickened over time due to micro-trauma. As we walk the nail can make intermittent contact with footwear gradually thickening the nail. Or there can be an incident of acute trauma which had damaged the nail bed. The nail may come away and the new nail that grows in its place may thickened.

Routine Nail Care
Sometimes your feet are not that easy to get to and the management of your nails can be difficult.