Nail Surgery

Commonly we perform nail surgery which involves permanent removal of part or the whole of the nail.


Faulknors needling is carried out under local anaesthetic and requires only one treatment to eradicate all verrucae. 75% of verrucae will take 1 session to resolve.

Cryo-therapy is the application of cold using Nitrous Oxide to freeze the virus and trigger an immune response to eradicate the verrucae.  

Injection Therapies

Steroid injections are commonly used for the treatment of joint and soft tissue disorders.


Steroids have been shown to be helpful for easing pain and reducing high levels of inflammation. They may also protect the cartilage within joints.


Steroid injections are often used in conjunction with local anaesthetic. There are several different formulations of both steroid and anaesthetic which may be used.


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